A command line tool for tracking work hours, as simple as it can get.

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If you have node and npm

npm install -g moro

# yarn works too
yarn global add  moro

You need node version 6 or higher (we haven’t tested lower versions)

No node on your machine?

You can download the executable files from releases page for Linux, Mac and Windows.


npm update -g moro


  1. Run moro hi when starting your working day. Moro registers that time as your clock in time.
  2. Run moro bye when ending your working day. Moro Registers that time as your clock out time.

That’s it! Moro prints on the screen how many hours you have worked.

Invoke $:moro report at any time to see how long you have worked on the current day.

To see the full report of previous days run moro report --all.

Learn more:

Those two steps above should be all you need to know about Moro, but there are 3 ways to learn more:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click to open FAQ Q: I forgot to run moro in the morning, so my clock in time is not saved. Can I adjust it now? A: yes! for example, if you started work at 09:30 run `$: moro hi 09:30`

What does moro mean?

Moro means hello in Finnish.


Open an issue, or make a pull request. We love contributions.


Clone this repo, and then inside the folder run:

npm link

This will install moro globally but using the files inside the project folder. You can now change the files and run moro in your command line to see the effects.

To run tests

npm test

Code of conduct

Code is important but people are more important. If you like to contribute to Moro please read and follow our code of conduct found in this file:


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